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We would love to chat about your project – but we know there are always questions. This is our attempt to answer some frequently asked questions about Rogue Brothers and what we do.


General questions
We are licensed, insured, and bonded to perform residential construction and small commercial in the State of Oregon (CCB License: #206337). We have over sixty years combined experience in the construction industry. However, qualifications go beyond insurance and licensing, our experience includes new custom homes and major renovations.
We really try not to focus on what others are doing. What we do is, take an extreme amount of pride in our work and pay great attention to detail. We strive for your satisfaction and want you happy with the finished product. From start to finish we will work with you to accomplish your goals and create your vision.
No, typically we will visit the job site with the owner and ask detailed questions pertaining to your project. Over the next couple of weeks, we will work on providing you with a rock-solid proposal. We will be in regular contact with you during this time and this service is free of charge.
This question will sometimes frighten a client. We ask this question to determine if what you are trying to achieve is realistic. Occasionally we will be approached with a project where the owner wants to spend “X” amount of dollars, when in reality, the price of material to complete their project alone is double their budget. We provide a free estimate/proposal and want to ensure that we are not wasting your time, our sub-contractors’ time, as well as our time.
Our proposal will include everything to complete your project (excluding plan costs, permits and utility connections-these can vary so much depending on where you decide to build that we exclude these, but we can give you a very close estimate of what these will be). When you receive one of our detailed proposals, it will show you the final cost through completion. We don’t exclude items from our proposal to get your job only to approach you later with our hand out. With that being said, certain items in our proposal may be an “allowance”.
During our review of your plans we will ask you very detailed questions to help us provide the most accurate and complete proposal. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly what kind of finishes you want in your home; e.g., light fixtures and plumbing fixtures. In this instance our proposal will have a certain amount of money put aside to cover these costs. If we include an allowance of $15,000 for lighting fixtures and you only select $10,000 worth of lightning fixtures, then you will only be charged $10,000. In the same example if you select $20,000 in lighting fixtures you would then obviously pay an additional $5,000. We work with you to determine the allowance to ensure that our proposal is accurate.

Profit is what any company needs to make to stay in business. Overhead covers the costs for a contractor to stay in business. Overhead is different for every company but is generally used to cover costs such as job supervision and management, tools, continuing education, licensing, insurance and bonding, office space, work vehicles, association fees, etc.

The perceived industry standard for profit and overhead is 20% of the total job costs. Some contractors charge more while some charge less. Some will bury it in their proposal to hide it from clients. We are transparent with our entire proposal and encourage a face to face meeting to review the proposal. Don’t let some contractors fool you into believing they are not applying profit and overhead costs to their proposal. If you desire, we will even show you every single bid from our subcontractors- our goal is to establish a trustworthy, working relationship with our clients. Don’t let some contractors fool you into believing they are not applying profit and overhead costs into their proposal.

Yes. The State of Oregon requires us, the contractor, to offer a warranty on all new construction. We provide all our clients with the best warranty in the industry. The first year of the warranty provides surety coverage against defects in workmanship and materials. The first 2 years of the warranty provides systems surety coverage for defects in wiring, piping, and ductwork in electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating and mechanical systems. The first 10 years of the warranty provides coverage for structural defects to load-bearing components. We provide this warranty free of charge to all our clients.
Yes. The State of Oregon does NOT require contractors to provide a warranty on remodels – and most contractors don’t. However, at Rogue Brothers Construction we want to provide our customers with an added piece of mind. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to use your warranty on a project completed by Rogue Brothers, but you can have one if you would like. The first year of the warranty provides surety coverage defects in workmanship and materials. The first 2 years of the warranty provides surety coverage against systems defects. The first 10 years of the warranty provides insurance-backed coverage for qualifying structural defects.
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